Are you at high school or college? Then Crossfire is for you! Every Friday night of school term we get together 7.30 at Emmaus Christian School.

We usually spend time looking at parts of the Bible to check out what it means and how it's relevant for us today, as well as having a heap of games, high-action events and music.

Crossfire’s mission is to share the good news of Jesus with the youth of Crossroads and their friends. Whether you would call yourself a Christian, you’re not sure or you’re just interested in finding out more, Crossfire is a place to explore issues about Jesus with other young people. At Crossfire we’re keen to share our lives with each other, encourage each other to know Jesus better and to ask God to make a real difference in our lives.

In August every year there is the Crossfire Camp and in the Easter Holidays Crossfire travels to Katoomba in the Blue Mountains to attend KYCK.

On Sunday mornings there is also a Youth Bible Study group during the 9.30am service at Merici College. All are welcome. Students in College and High School are also welcome to be part of Crossroads Evening at the ANU.

Emmaus Christian School,
Bancroft St, Dickson

A Registration Form needs to be completed for all youth participating in our programs. For more information, please email Steve Prior or give him a call on 0425 386 574.